When searching for a product or service, video is paramount these days. It is something people LOVE to see, and more & more EXPECT to see. 64% of people say they are more willing to buy a product online after watching a video about it. Your prospects would much prefer receiving your information in a way they actually want to engage with, as opposed to another lengthy sales email, or product description. Video is also very easily searchable, which is a major component to drawing in new clientele.

We use our own unique style, experience, and creativity in illustrating what your product or service has to offer, and enhancing your brand, like no one else can. We are super passionate about producing fabulous, high end work, that is nothing short of perfection, at a surprisingly affordable price. We're kinda crazy like that.

Rolle Custom Cycles

Custom Motorcycles by Hudson Valley artist, Steve Morris

The Pines Restaurant

A lil sneak peek of The Catskills coolest new restaurant / bar / lounge

NY Post - Bob Dylan's phone number

A way for fans to call Bob and leave a message on his old Woodstock, NY number!

Kitten Season @ Saugerties Animal Shelter

Don’t shop - adopt! Visit your local shelter!



James Ferrara photography

Weddings, headshots, portraits, lifestyle photographs - in studio or on location

Burnell Pines - Days Gone By

Psychedelic Music Video
Official selection of the Woodstcok Film Festival

JTD Productions

DJ entertainment services & beyond, piloted by Dave Leonard

Bungee Beast - The bungee tamer!

Bungee Chord organizer commercial

The Hometown All Stars

Children’s book series by Author Kevin Christofora

Foster McGinty - Curious Pretenders

Music Video for Foster McGinty
Official selection of the Woodstcok Film Festival

Foster Mcginty - album crowdfund

Foster raised every penny, via this crowdfund video, to make their album The Lucy Stone a reality!

The Butt Hut - Constant Smoke

The World Famous Butt Hut BBQ restaurant Commercial - Nashville Tennessee

Crucial Vacuum - Tutorial

Think Crucial / Crucial Vacuum how to video

The Kramers - Memory Lane

Original 1960’s super 8mm footage - revamped by I Do Movies

Bambi & Chuck - MERMAID parade

Post wedding parading at the Coney Island Mermaid Parade in Brooklyn, NY

IDA Hakkila - Radio Show Crowdfund

Crowdfund / Patreon Video for Ida Hakkila’s, The Heavy Light Show, on Radio Woodstock 100.1


Enviragen's Envirapod crowdfund - a 100% naturally self powered home

Vacation REntal House

Air B'n'B rental house video - the place has been booked solid, because it's fabulous, but the video didn’t hurt ;)

Colleen - Video Resume

The future of job applications - colleen was up for the challenge

Karina Dresses - social content

Heidi & Crystal showing off in their fashionable Karina Dresses

The Hometown All Stars - social content

Author, Kevin Christofora, explains why he wrote his children's book series

Davestock 8 - Annual Summer Bash

A fun glimpse of Woodstock, NY legend, Dave Leonard's Annual blowout

Mike & Robin - 50th Anniversary

A short documentary film, about a fabulous couple & their long, loving marriage

AIDF - Aid International Development Forum

Event coverage of Aid & International Development Forum, Washington DC

Land Rover - AIDF Sponsor

Land Rover at Aid & International Development Forum, Washington DC

Foster McGinty - No Sign of the Shadow

Foster & Chelsea McGinty behind the scenes while recording their record, The Lucy Stone

Burnell Pines - social content

A behind the scenes look at Burnell Pines' music video for his fans to see

You Know You Want It - Random House

Commercial for Costume designer/Author Eric Daman’s Fashion forward book - You Know You Want It

Simi Stone - social content

Simi Stone sings fireside in Woodstock, NY at a Music Video screening

Foster Mcginty - social content

Foster Mcginty promotes an upcoming show